Atascocita Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors and other medical practitioners have a responsibility to protect their patients’ health and well-being. When these medical providers make mistakes, they can cause significant harm. Fortunately, the law provides protections for people who suffer at the hands of medical professionals.

If a healthcare provider committed an error that caused your harm, you should speak with an Atascocita medical malpractice lawyer now to learn about your legal options. Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Haines Law have the skills and resources necessary to represent you in settlement negotiations.

When is a Mistake Considered Malpractice?

Malpractice is more than just a simple error. A medical practitioner is only liable for malpractice if they failed to meet the standard of a reasonably prudent medical professional in their field. Essentially, the doctor must have acted negligently and caused your injuries.

If a doctor misdiagnoses a patient suffering from a rare and largely misunderstood condition, that may not rise to the level of negligence. The doctor could argue that many other professionals would have made the same mistake based on the evidence presented. In contrast, a court may find a doctor liable for malpractice if they misdiagnosed a common condition after failing to perform a routine test on the patient.

Medical malpractice cases can be complicated, as the facts of the case are often highly technical. An experienced attorney in Atascocita can review your medical malpractice case and develop a strategy for obtaining compensation.

Proving a Breach in the Standard of Care

Proving liability in a malpractice case can be challenging. Often, attorneys will enlist the help of medical experts to testify in court. The expert witness can help the court understand how the defendant’s actions or inaction caused you harm. They can also explain how a reasonable medical professional in a similar situation would have handled the issue.

Settling Medical Malpractice Claims in Atascocita

Most medical malpractice claims never make their way to court. For many clients, the best move is to reach a favorable settlement with the insurer. However, insurance companies will do everything in their power to minimize the settlement amount. So, it is best to refrain from accepting an offer too soon.

Most people don’t know the value of their claim, and insurers may take advantage of that fact. A skilled medical malpractice attorney will be able to assess the evidence and help you determine the value of your case. Our firm can also negotiate on your behalf if the other party refuses to pay that amount.

Potential Compensation in a Successful Claim

If you suffered injuries because of medical negligence, you could recover many types of compensation. For example, our attorneys can help you seek restitution for:

  • Lost earnings or wages
  • Lost future income
  • Medical costs and bills related to the injury
  • Future medical care or support
  • Costs of rehabilitative therapy
  • Pain and suffering

Talk to an experienced lawyer to learn more about the types of economic and non-economic damages you could receive in a medical malpractice settlement.

Contact an Atascocita Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice claims impact patients and their families in a variety of ways. In addition to the physical impact of the injury, the emotional and financial tolls can be devastating as well.

If your medical provider made an error that caused you harm, you have the right to recover compensation. Contact an Atascocita medical malpractice attorney at Haines Law to discuss your claim.

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