Tips for Negotiating an Injury Claim With Insurance Adjusters

After getting hurt in an accident, you might find it frustrating to negotiate an injury claim with insurance adjusters. Many people don’t realize that a claims adjuster rarely has the best interests of the insured party in mind. Instead, the insurance adjuster represents the insurance company against claims. Here are some helpful tips that you should know when dealing with insurance adjusters.

What To Know When Dealing With Insurance

Whether you filed your claim through your insurance company or the negligent party’s policy, know that the insurance company makes the bulk of its profits by denying claims or underpaying legitimate injury claims. Not even your insurance company wants to pay claims for its policyholders.

From the time you first report the accident to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will try several tactics to reduce a possible settlement in the future. Be aware that recorded statements to the claims adjuster can reflect negatively on your part in the accident that caused your injuries.

The insurance adjuster may also suggest that you don’t need to seek medical care for your injuries. However, you must visit the doctor to examine your injuries as soon as possible after an accident so you can attribute those injuries directly to the accident. Otherwise, the insurance company may convincingly suggest that you sustained injuries later or had pre-existing injuries.

How To Negotiate a Settlement

Before beginning negotiations with the insurance adjuster, have a minimum amount in mind for your settlement. Draft your demand letter with that number in mind, but do not disclose it to the insurance adjuster or any representative of the insurance company.

When the insurance company makes an initial offer, it’s often a lowball offer to see whether you know what your case is worth. The insurance company believes that by saying your case is only worth that initial amount, you’ll accept it at face value and be done with it.

Make the insurance adjuster explain their reasoning for the low offer. If the claims adjuster makes good points about the offer, consider lowering the settlement amount that you would accept before drafting your response in a letter.

Put It in Writing

Negotiating an injury claim with insurance adjusters requires finesse and a detailed paper trail. Write responses and inquiries in letters. Detail your rebuttals with specific examples of your pain and suffering.

Don’t forget that you will need documentation from doctors, repair shops, witness statements, and other relevant resources.

Whether you file a personal injury lawsuit or not, the insurance company can make an offer to settle at any point during the process. If the insurance company offers to settle for an acceptable amount, get the offer in writing.

Get an Experienced Injury Attorney on Your Side

Having an experienced injury attorney to help you with your claim can prevent you from making statements to the insurance company that could reduce the value of your claim or accepting a settlement offer that is lower than your case is worth. Even if you don’t file a lawsuit for the accident, you can retain a skilled injury attorney to assist with your claim.

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