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The potential for severe injuries is substantial in a truck accident. While any collision between motor vehicles could be devastating, commercial trucks are especially dangerous due to their immense size and weight. Fortunately, the legal system allows truck accident victims to seek fair payment from negligent truck drivers and their employers.

If you were involved in a truck accident, your choice of legal counsel could impact your financial recovery. A seasoned personal injury attorney can help by aggressively pursuing compensation from the insurance and trucking companies. A Kingwood truck accident lawyer can investigate every aspect of the crash and navigate the legal process to get the justice you deserve.

Understanding Truck Accidents

While the difference in size between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles plays a critical role in the severity of these collisions, it is not the only factor. Tractor-trailers are very difficult to operate safely, with many more gears to shift than a regular truck, large blind spots, and low maneuverability. The cargo a truck carries can also impact the severity of a crash. Some cargo may be caustic or likely to catch fire, making the accident worse. Considering every aspect of a semi-truck crash is an important part of the process when a Kingwood attorney is building a strong case.

Any factor that increases the likelihood of a truck crash or amplifies the severity of injuries in a collision could be important in a claim. Holding the responsible parties accountable for the damage they caused can be difficult, but help from a strong attorney can make the process easier.

Potential Sources of Compensation After a Truck Crash

Many truck accident claims focus on the operator of the commercial vehicle. While drivers are commonly parties to these claims, the truck drivers are rarely the primary source of compensation. In many cases, the trucking company can be held accountable for the actions of its employees. If the truck driver caused the crash within the scope of their employment, it may be reasonable to demand damages from the company.

Other sources of compensation are less obvious. For example, a plaintiff could hold local, county, or state governments responsible for a crash caused by their failure to maintain a roadway safety. If a defective truck part led to the accident, the manufacturer may be liable for the resulting losses.

However, the most common source of compensation in a truck accident is an insurance company. Both the drivers and the companies they work for must carry minimum levels of liability insurance to compensate victims in the event of an accident. Obtaining fair compensation in these cases is often difficult, and initial settlement offers may not reflect the true value of the plaintiff’s losses. Aggressive representation by a Kingwood truck accident lawyer may pressure the insurance company to settle without the stress and expense of a trial.

Speak With a Kingwood Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

If you survived a truck crash, there are several steps you could take to pursue monetary compensation. The process should begin by consulting with an aggressive Kingwood truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. To get started on your case, call Haines Law and schedule a consultation.

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