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Despite government regulations, defective products can still end up on the market and cause injuries to consumers. If you were injured by using a product as directed, you may have a valid claim against the item’s manufacturer. Let one of our Kingwood defective products lawyers guide you through the civil claims process and advocate for you during settlement talks.

Product manufacturers can face liability for producing defective items or failing to warn consumers about their potential dangers. You can seek compensation from negligent manufacturing companies to offset your injuries and losses resulting from a dangerous product. Our team of personal injury attorneys can help you build a strong claim for damages and hold liable parties accountable.

Civil Claims based on Dangerous Consumer Goods

All product manufacturers have a legal obligation to produce, market, and distribute safe consumer goods. From medications to toys, if a company develops a defective product, the company may face civil liability for any subsequent injuries a consumer suffers. All too often, however, manufacturers cut corners on safety to maximize their profits.

These large companies often deny liability by hiding behind teams of insurance adjusters and lawyers. Taking on a large corporation is never easy, but our defective products lawyers in Kingwood can take the burden off your shoulders and negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Design Defects

Products with design defects are inherently hazardous to consumers. They are often subject to mandatory recalls by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or voluntary recall by manufacturers. If enough consumers are affected, defective product designs can even give rise to class action lawsuits.

Manufacturing Defects

If there is a manufacturing defect, occasionally only some incarnations of a product may be harmful and dangerous. As long as the original design for the product is safe, any items produced under the proper manufacturing process are presumably safe for consumer use.

Marketing Defects

Marketing defects can also form the basis of a successful product liability claim. If an item is inherently dangerous if used improperly, the manufacturer is responsible for adequately warning consumers of these potential dangers and providing clear instructions for proper use. Warning labels, instructions, and safety inserts all are ways that companies can fulfill this responsibility. Failing to take these measures results in liability in the event of an avoidable injury.

Strict Liability for Defective Products

While many personal injury claims require the plaintiff to provide evidence of the defendant’s negligence or carelessness, this level of proof is not required in local defective product claims. If an item is deemed to be dangerous, its manufacturer can be held liable without any proof of negligence.

Under the legal theory of strict liability, product manufacturers are automatically liable for any injuries resulting from the foreseeable use of their goods. As long as the product that caused your injuries was in its original condition from the time of purchase and you used it as intended, you may be able to obtain compensation. One of our local attorneys can assist you in proving a defective product claim.

Consult a Kingwood Defective Products Attorney for Advice

Trying to take on big insurance companies and defense attorneys in a products liability case on your own can be overwhelming and complicated. Our skilled Kingwood defective products lawyers can assist you with pursing compensation for your injuries. Call Haines Law to get started.

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