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Dog owners are responsible for keeping their animals properly restrained to protect others. Some dogs attack for no apparent reason and without warning. Their bites can be so severe that a person is left maimed or permanently disfigured. In addition to the obvious surface injury, infection and transmission of diseases are also possible in dog bite cases.

When a dog attacks, bites, or harms someone, its owner can be held civilly liable with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Work with our skilled Kingwood dog bite lawyers to improve your chances of obtaining compensation from a negligent pet owner. Our team will fight for your rights in settlement negotiations or a personal injury lawsuit.

Applicable Laws in Dog Bite Incidents

State law does not explicitly address liability in dog bite cases. Local courts utilize a “one bite rule” when adjudicating Kingwood canine attack lawsuits. This means that if this is the dog’s first behavioral episode resulting in a bite, the owner is not liable for resulting injuries.

To prove liability in dog bite case, a claimant must show that the owner knew of the animal’s aggressive tendencies or that it had previously bitten someone. You must also prove that the owner failed to use reasonable measures to prevent the attack from happening and that your injuries were a result of this negligence.

If the owner knew of the dog’s viciousness or aggressiveness, they may be strictly liable for the injured person’s damages. Our team of dedicated lawyers will use persuasive evidence to establish liability during settlement negotiations for you.

Potential Defenses in Dog Bite Lawsuits

There are several liability defenses that dog owners may argue. One is that they were not aware of the dog’s tendencies and, therefore, could not have prevented the attack or bite. The owner may present evidence of the dog’s track record of friendliness toward people.

Alternatively, the dog owner could argue that the claimant was trespassing at the time of the attack. Trespassing means that the plaintiff was on the dog owner’s property without permission. The law does not permit legal recovery for trespassers.

Another defense used is that the claimant was partly responsible for the incident. The dog owner could allege that the plaintiff provoked or taunted the dog, causing it to attack. A Kingwood dog bite attorney at Haines Law can prepare a strategic case and refute the opposing party’s arguments. We will improve your chances of reaching a favorable settlement.

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Victims of canine attacks should seek legal counsel as quickly as possible. Recovering from your injuries should be your primary focus, so let a member of our team take the lead on your case and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

An experienced attorney at Haines Law can provide valuable insight and guidance in navigating the legal process. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case. Let our seasoned Kingwood dog bite lawyers work for you!

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