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Unfortunately, an accident resulting in a severe personal injury can have debilitating consequences. In the wake of such an incident, you may find yourself dealing with expensive medical bills, loss of income due to missed time at work, repair costs for damaged personal property, and various other losses related to your physical and psychological pain and suffering.

Regardless of how extensive your injuries are after a serious accident, you can hold the responsible party financially liable with the help of our well-versed Clear Lake personal injury lawyers. Once hired, our qualified attorneys will work tirelessly to pursue a settlement that covers all your accident-related losses.

What Could Serve as Grounds for Civil Recovery in Clear Lake?

Accident settlements and civil litigation commonly involve situations like car crashes, property accidents, dog attacks, motorcycle collisions, semi-truck wrecks, and errors by a surgeon or other medical practitioner. Depending on the circumstances, even a slip or trip and fall outside a retail store could justify a settlement demand.

To succeed in a civil case of any kind, you will need to prove through a preponderance of evidence that the defendant you are seeking compensation from was legally negligent at the time of your accident. Legal negligence requires you to establish the following elements:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • They subsequently breached that duty
  • Their breach of care caused an accident
  • The otherwise preventable accident resulted in compensable losses

One of the local attorneys at Haines Law can help you obtain civil compensation to cover the economic and non-economic impacts of your personal injuries.

How Legal Counsel Can Help with Settlement Negotiation

Unfortunately, the average person simply does not have enough assets to cover all the losses that they may have caused someone else to suffer through their negligence. Instead, insurance companies usually offer compensation to the injured party on their client’s behalf, or directly to their own client after they are injured by someone else.

However, insurance companies are only profitable if they pay out as little as possible on injury claims, so they almost never offer a settlement that fully compensates an accident victim. Our skilled personal injury lawyers in Clear Lake can be crucial allies in this kind of situation, as we can help ensure that insurance representatives do not take advantage of you with unfair settlement offers.

Reach out to One of Our Clear Lake Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Getting hurt in an accident of any kind can alter the course of your life. Even minor injuries could impact your ability to generate income and execute personal plans for weeks to months at a time, and severe incidents could leave you with a permanent disability.

If you want to ensure that you get a fair settlement for all the short- and long-term effects of your injury, there is no substitute for the assistance of our seasoned Clear Lake personal injury lawyers. Get in touch with Haines Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with our team.

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