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While any car accident can lead to severe injuries, a collision with a multi-ton commercial truck almost always has devastating consequences. Weighing as much as 80,000 pounds and stretching dozens of feet long, crashes involving these massive vehicles often result in fatalities. Additionally, these types of collisions typically result in complicated civil claims.

If a negligent tractor-trailer driver caused your vehicle collision, seek legal help from a Clear Lake truck accident lawyer. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you draft a comprehensive and compelling settlement demand that accounts not only for economic damages but non-economic losses as well.

Common Negligent Acts Resulting in Truck Accident in Clear Lake

Everyone who operates a motor vehicle in Texas must drive as safely and carefully as possible. This is especially important for truck drivers, given the size and weight of most 18-wheelers.

Unfortunately, far too many truckers fail to act responsibly behind the wheel. Typical acts of negligence include:

  • Disobeying traffic laws
  • Texting while driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving while impaired by drugs
  • Driving while fatigued

Though driver error is a common cause of truck accidents, other parties may partake in negligent acts that lead to a collision. For example, if the crew loading the truck commits an error, it can throw off the vehicle’s balance and cause it to jackknife or flip over.

Improper maintenance of a commercial vehicle can also increase the risk of a truck accident. Consequently, a negligent mechanic can be liable if a faulty or malfunctioning part causes the collision.

A trucking company may also be vicariously liable for its employees’ negligence. Alternatively, an employer might be directly responsible for a crash if they forced a driver to violate federal trucking regulations to saving time or money. Our hard-working attorneys will help you identify the cause of your semi-truck crash and determine who to pursue a settlement from.

What Could Impede Recovery after a Tractor-Trailer Wreck?

The insurance company representing the truck driver, or their employer, will likely attempt to limit their level of liability to deny you a payout. Without a seasoned lawyer to even the playing field, you will have difficulty negotiating a fair settlement.

Additionally, while legal concepts like comparative fault and the statute of limitations only formally come into play if the case proceeds to trial, these laws can still impact your positioning in settlement negotiations. For example, if the insurance company argues that you bear partial responsibility for the auto accident, they might that as justification to offer a low settlement.

Contact a Clear Lake Truck Accident Attorney Today

If a truck accident victim is fortunate enough to survive the crash, they may still suffer from the lifelong consequences of such a collision. If you want to improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement that covers both past and future losses, you should work with our knowledgeable legal counsel at Haines Law.

A conversation with a Clear Lake truck accident lawyer can help you understand the options available to you. Call today to set up an initial meeting and get started on creating a settlement demand.

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