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When you enter someone else’s land, you are putting your safety and well-being in the property owner’s hands. Most people enter businesses, parking lots, or private residences without worrying about the potential for injury. Unfortunately, property accidents are all too common.

If you suffered an injury on another person’s property, one of our dedicated personal injury attorneys can help you recover compensation. Our Clear Lake premises liability lawyers can strengthen your case and negotiate with the party responsible for your injuries to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf.

What Are Some Common Property Accidents in Clear Lake?

Premises liability is an expansive area of law and covers a wide range of potential accidents and injuries. In general, these accidents involve a dangerous hazard on someone else’s property.

A property hazard could be as simple as a spilled liquid or as unexpected as exposed electrical wiring. Anything with the potential to injure a lawful visitor could result in a premises liability claim under the right circumstances. Some common types of premises liability claims include:

Each of these hazards could potentially cause serious injuries. When a visitor’s injuries are preventable, the property owner or manager could be liable. The attorneys at Haines Law can advise you on the strength of your premises liability claim and help you negotiate a comprehensive settlement.

The Rights of Visitors

Whether or not an injured visitor is entitled to financial compensation depends on their rights at the time of the injury. Not all visitors are treated equally under the law. One of our Clear Lake lawyers can help determine the value of your premises liability claim based on your status at the time of the accident.


Invitees enjoy the most protection under state law. Local property owners have a legal obligation to protect invitees from injury by remedying or notifying them of any known hazards.


Licensees are typically on a property for specific purposes. Examples of licensees include maintenance workers and contractors. Landowners have a duty to warn licensees of dangerous hazards that exist on the premises.


Individuals who enter someone else’s property without permission or legal authorization rarely have viable injury claims after an accident. The only exception involves intentional injuries inflicted by the property owner.

What Responsibilities do Property Owners Have to Visitors?

A landowner must take reasonable steps to identify and remedy hazards on their property and warn lawful guests of danger. They could also be responsible for hazards they are not aware of if a reasonable property owner or manager would have noticed the hazard.

This can even extend to criminal acts caused by third parties in some cases. For example, if a property owner is aware of the risk of crime in the area, they can be held liable for failing to implement appropriate security measures to protect guests.

Let a Clear Lake Premises Liability Lawyer Advocate for You

Suffering a serious injury on another person’s property can be a frustrating experience. Unlike a car accident, you may not have a clear idea of where to turn to obtain medical care or compensation for your injuries.

Thankfully, our Clear Lake premises liability lawyers can ensure you make the right moves following your accident. To discuss your premises liability case, schedule a confidential consultation at Haines Law immediately.

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