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Children regularly suffer accidental injuries such as scraped knees or bruises. However, their impulsive behavior, lack of attention, and small size put them at risk of getting into severe accidents. As a parent, learning that your child was harmed due to another person’s carelessness can be heartbreaking.

If you’re wondering how to seek justice for your child, reach out to a dedicated personal injury attorney. A Clear Lake child injury lawyer can guide you through the process of pursuing compensation.

Identifying the Liable Party

Many accidents involving children occur due to a negligent adult’s actions or inaction. This might be a person you entrusted to care for your child, like a daycare employee or babysitter. The negligent party could also be a reckless driver who failed to yield to a group of children crossing the street.

If your child was injured at school, you might pursue compensation from the school administrators for failing to maintain a safe environment. Alternatively, if a defective toy caused the injury, the manufacturer might be at fault.

An obstetrician or pediatrician can also be held liable if they committed a medical error that led to your child’s injuries. A skilled attorney in Clear Lake can evaluate your situation to determine who is most at fault for your child’s accident.

Laws for Accidents Involving Minors in Clear Lake

According to the legal concept of comparative negligence, an injured adult can be deemed partially liable for the damages they suffered in an accident. However, the law does not hold children to the same standard as adults. For example, injured minors are given much more leeway in premises liability cases.

Generally, a trespasser cannot seek damages for injuries sustained on another person’s property. Although, if your child found their way to an unfenced swimming pool, trampoline, or another “attractive nuisance,” you may still recover compensation.

You also have more time to file a lawsuit for accidents involving children. However, this does not mean you should wait to pursue a settlement. Speaking to an experienced lawyer right away can improve your chances of recovering compensation for your child’s injury.

Damages in Child Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims will include compensation for the accident victim’s economic losses, such as medical bills and lost wages. Though your child is probably not working, you can still recover lost income if you took time off work to care for them. Additionally, if your child’s injury is permanent, they can recover compensation for lost earning capacity.

Children are also entitled to recover for their pain and suffering. Your compensation will vary depending on the specific facts, nature, and severity of the childhood accident, but our attorneys can help you and your family calculate your damages.

Hiring a Clear Lake Child Injury Lawyer

When a child is injured, it affects the entire family. As a parent, you may have to spend a significant amount of time away from work to tend to your child. Additionally, the medical bills can place a considerable strain on your finances.

If you’re in this situation, take action by calling a Clear Lake child injury lawyer. Our legal team at Haines Law can support you throughout settlement negotiations and help you file a claim if necessary.

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