Car Accident Insurance Claims in Pasadena

From your first call to an insurance company to report a claim after a car accident, they begin working to minimize or eliminate your claim. Insurance companies, like most other businesses, are motivated by profits. Insurance companies need to pay out less in claims than what they receive in premiums in order to make a profit. This leads them to utilize whatever means necessary to reduce or eliminate claims. They use many different tactics to achieve this end.

Be Wary of Recorded Conversations

Insurance companies will almost always pressure you to give them a recorded statement. Recorded “statement” is really a misnomer, as the “statement” is actually an interrogation by the insurance adjuster. They will pressure you to answer questions about exactly what happened before you have even had time to unwind from the stress of the accident. They will then use what you say against you as your claim is processed.

Insurance companies may tell you that you cannot file your PIP or rental car claim without first giving a recorded statement. This is not true. This is another way for the insurance company to get you to give a statement before you are ready. Don’t let them do this to you.

Always Seek Medical Attention

If you speak to an insurance company before seeing a doctor, they may discourage you from doing so. They will warn you that you are only entitled to recover “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses. While this is technically true, the insurance company tells you this to make you think twice about going to the doctor. If you were injured in a car accident, you should not have to think twice about seeking medical care. Seeking medical attention after a car wreck is important. Not all injuries are readily apparent and you should receive an examination.

Before calling the insurance company, consider the following:

  • You should not call the insurance company until you have had time to relax and recover mentally and emotionally from the wreck. If you give a recorded statement while you are stressed or emotional, you may say something that will harm your case.
  • Waiting until a day or two after the accident to file your claim will not hurt your case. Take the time to collect your emotions and your thoughts about what happened before giving a statement. If you are injured, you should speak with a doctor and a Houston car wreck attorney before giving the insurance company a statement.
  • You should never assume that an insurance company is on your side. Even your own insurance company will try to reduce the value of your claim. There are documented cases of insurance companies paying their adjusters incentives for reducing the value of claims.

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