Uninsured Motorist Claims in Pasadena

Under Texas law, every driver should have liability insurance. Car accidents are common, which is why anyone behind the wheel should make sure they are insured in case of injuries or damage. Unfortunately, there are several people who are either uninsured or underinsured. When you are in a wreck with an uninsured driver, you need seasoned counsel to ensure you get the just compensation you are owed. Our Pasadena car accident attorney is here to explain your legal options and rights in these types of cases.

Uninsured & Underinsured Protection Insurance

All auto insurance companies in Texas are required to provide uninsured/underinsured coverage options. Refusing this coverage requires a statement in writing, so if you do not remember taking any special effort to opt out, you probably have it.

The following are instances where you can usually make an uninsured accident claim:

  • You were hit by an uninsured motorist who does not have the resources to pay damages.
  • You were injured by an underinsured motorist whose coverage is not enough to cover your medical costs.
  • You were the victim of a hit and run and are unable to find the perpetrator.

These cases differ from liability claims in that when you demand a liability payout you are battling against the opposing driver’s insurance company. In an uninsured/underinsured claim your insurance company responsible for the claim, which is why you might suddenly find yourself fighting them for the fair compensation you are owed. When your insurance is performing an unreasonable investigation of your claim and denying your benefits, you may be eligible to pursue a bad faith lawsuit and receive additional damages.

Scheduling a Consultation With a Pasadena Attorney

Your insurance company should not deny you the benefits you pay them for. Having one of our attorneys on your side not only gives you peace of mind and confidence but pressures the insurance company to respect your rights. We stand strongly for your rights and are not afraid to go to battle against big insurance companies.

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