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Maritime workers perform daily tasks that are essential to the Texas economy. However, these jobs are also quite dangerous. Many types of accidents take place on the water, docks, and harbors. Fortunately, long-established federal laws provide financial protection for maritime workers who suffer injuries while on the job.

Pursuing a fair settlement can be tricky, especially if you are recovering from a severe injury. However, our skilled Clear Lake maritime injury lawyers can help you navigate your accident claim. With guidance from a seasoned personal injury attorney who has handled many cases like yours, you can effectively negotiate a settlement that covers all your injuries and losses.

Common Types of Maritime Accidents in Clear Lake

A maritime accident claim doesn’t necessarily have to stem from a boating collision or a fall overboard. Any accident that occurs while a naval employee is performing work duties can serve as grounds for a settlement demand. Common types of incidents include:

Any accident related to a lack of safety equipment or unseaworthy vessels may also warrant a claim. If you have questions about your legal right to pursue a settlement, reach out to our dedicated attorneys to discuss the details of your maritime accident.

What are the Recoverable Damages for an Incident on the Water?

With help from a maritime injury attorney in Clear Lake, you can negotiate a settlement that addresses all your medical expenses, a portion of your lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, the available damages in your case can vary significantly depending on whether state or federal legislation governs the claim. Talk to a lawyer to learn more about the specific laws that govern accidents at sea.

Legislation Applicable to Maritime Injury Claims

Federal law governs most accidents in the maritime industry since the majority of these incidents take place on “navigable waters” in association with “traditional maritime activities.” In other words, if an accident occurs in a waterway that allows for the transportation of goods and people during a commercial activity, federal law likely applies.

Injured maritime workers generally seek compensation under one of two laws: the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The former covers maritime workers who are injured while working out at sea, while the latter provides protections to dock workers, harbor workers, and other individuals who perform shore-based work in the maritime industry.

Both acts effectively serve as a substitute for traditional workers’ compensation, providing restitution for economic losses related to on-the-job accidents. The Jones Act also allows workers to seek a settlement from or file suit directly against their employers for negligence.

Conversely, the LHWCA only allows such cases to proceed against negligent third parties. Our experienced lawyers at Haines Law have experience with maritime claims and can clarify your legal options to help you decide the best course of action in your situation.

Call a Clear Lake Maritime Injury Lawyer at Haines Law

On-the-job injury cases can be complicated if you work on the water. If you have little experience with federal or state law, negotiating a settlement can be challenging. Fortunately, our attorneys can assist you with your claim. Call a Clear Lake maritime injury lawyer to set up a consultation and discuss the possibilities for your case.

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