Teach Your Teen How to Drive Safely

As a parent, you have a certain responsibility to ensure your teen driver is a safe driver. This is not only to ensure the health and safety of your child but that of all others on the road. Many people are aware of the fact that teen drivers are notorious for being distracted or dangerous drivers–though this cycle can end with you and your child, today. As your children learn by example, the first and foremost steps you can take to ensure your teen drives safely are to be a safe driver in your own right. Then, you can get started on imparting your wisdom–allowing you to have peace of mind when every time your son or daughter backs out of the driveway.

Consider the following tips in teaching your teen how to drive safely:

  • Read your child’s learner manual so you don’t accidentally impart any incorrect knowledge
  • Construct a clear plan before each driving lesson so your child knows what to expect
  • Map the route together, so your child knows exactly where he or she is going
  • Adjust the passenger side mirror so you can use it as a rearview mirror
  • Keep lessons short so your child isn’t tired or overwhelmed
  • Speak in a calm or steady voice, as your aggression or frustration will affect your child
  • Put your cell phone away and turn down the radio
  • Let your teen know when a turn or lane change is coming up
  • Keep an eye out for dangers on the road
  • After each lesson, discuss what you have learned
  • Review what was accomplished and construct a plan for next time

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