The Dangers of Driving in Houston

Driving is the most popular and convenient method of transportation in America. Our roads and highways are constantly being built and rebuilt to sustain our desire to drive and provide us with expedient travel opportunities.

However, due to the perils of human negligence, driving is also incredibly dangerous. In fact, it’s reported that 2,850 people are severely injured in car collisions on Houston roads each year. This number doesn’t even include the 640 tragic fatalities. The driving conditions in Houston have become so terrifying that many residents are scared to drive.

Is it Safe to Drive in Houston?

We see the consequences of devastating car wrecks every day, but somehow, we, as a society, have come to accept the significant risk of driving in Houston. According to the Houston Chronicle, “The death toll is the equivalent of three fully-loaded 737s crashing each year at Houston’s airports, killing all aboard. Losing that many planes and passengers would lead to federal hearings, but the Houston roadway deaths are met largely with silence, other than the occasional warning from public safety officials to drive safely and be careful crossing the street.”

According to the report, Houston nationally ranks:

  • #1 in fatal crashes involving drugs and alcohol
  • #2 for fatal crashes, per capita, on federal highways
  • #2 for fatal crashed caused by speeding

Despite various awareness campaigns and countless news reports, the general population and local lawmakers aren’t taking any action to make positive behavioral or legislative changes to improve the overall problem. In fact, after years of staff shortages, Houston’s law enforcement departments are so understaffed that many people who engage in dangerous driving habits aren’t being ticketed. This inaction fails to discourage dangerous driving, and only exacerbates an already dire situation. As a result, the number of car wrecks caused by distracted driving, speeding, and intoxication have increased 50% since 2010.

Seek Damages After a Car Accident

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