What are the Steps to Take After a Car Accident?

When a negligent driver slams into you and causes an awful car accident, you can’t expect them to admit to doing anything wrong. Odds are unfortunately high that they will actually tell their insurance company thatyou were the one who was breaking traffic rules and who caused the collision. In order to counteract their words and prove that you were not at fault, you should take several steps immediately after the crash.

Four steps to follow as best as you can after a car accident are:

  1. Be safe: Remove yourself from your vehicle when it is safe to do so and step out of the line of traffic. Getting roadside behind a barrier or up on the curb is a good spot to stay. If anyone in the crash has been injured, or if there is significant debris in the road, dial 911 to get police, firefighters, and paramedics on the scene as soon as possible.
  2. Document the scene: Try to take pictures of all parties involved, all vehicles, roadway conditions, and anything else that could be used as evidence, such as tire skid marks. You can also collect testimonies from witnesses and reports from officials, like the police report number if law enforcement officers show up. Don’t forget to get identifying and insurance information from the driver that hit you, too!
  3. Call your insurance company: Once the scene is cleaned up and you are cleared to leave, find a quiet space to call your car insurance provider. You should tell them that you have been in an accident caused by another driver. You do not need to get heavily into the details at this time. Do not delay too much before calling your insurer, as waiting too long could give them reason to deny your claim.
  4. See a doctor: Lastly, arrange for someone to take you to urgent care as soon as possible. You need to be given a checkup from a doctor to see if you are injured, assuming your injuries are not immediately noticeable.

Lastly, you should consider taking legal action right away. If you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area, you can call (281) 975-0031 and connect with Haines Law, P.C. Our car accident attorneys can build you a strong claim in pursuit of full compensation. The sooner we can get to work, the better, so give us a ring the same day of your accident, if possible.

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