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There’s nothing easier than tooting one’s own horn, particularly for a business dependent on advertising and word-of-mouth. However, saying you’re a good lawyer is different than being a good lawyer. What you’ll notice when comparing two different firms is not what they say, but what they do. How do lawyers at the firm treat the people they’re supposed to help? Do they go out of their way to serve the people seeking justice? At Haines Law, P.C., I go above and beyond to help people get the compensation they deserve.

Proven Results

Here’s a particular example to show you how far I’ll go to ensure your personal injury cases are heard. Recently, a big TV-advertised attorney dropped his client’s case after learning the person lived in a distant suburb and needed a ride to the doctor. Never mind that the client had a legitimate case, the attorney wasn’t interested in taking the extra step to hire someone to take the man to the doctor.

I took this person’s case. I showed up at the person’s door to take him to the doctor, and the man asked if I was his ride. I answered that not only was I the man’s ride, I was also his lawyer. Less than a month later, we settled the case for the policy limit.

So, when I say my mission is to provide honest and affordable legal representation for working people, I mean it. My firm isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to get people justice, no matter how mundane or “unglorified” the task may be. Instead of picking the firm with the multimillion dollar advertising campaign, choose the one with a proven track record of treating people with humanity.

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If you’re ready to pursue a personal injury case, contact a law firm that has your best interests at heart. I also offer free initial consultations and have Spanish-speaking staff available if you need it.
Contact me at (281) 975-0031 or fill out the online form with information about your case. I look forward to speaking with you!

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