Does Refusing Medical Treatment Affect My Claim in Texas?

Car accidents can skyrocket adrenaline and stress levels, making it hard to notice whether or not you’ve suffered injuries. Many drivers feel that seeking a medical evaluation would add too many complications to the already overwhelming event. Unfortunately, you may wake up a few days later with various pains, realizing that you need medical attention. 

At Haines Law in Houston, TX, our clients frequently ask, “Does refusing medical treatment affect my claim in Texas?” Simply put: Refusing medical help might impact your claim’s success. Below, we discuss why you should accept medical evaluations or treatments and how you can build the strongest claim. 

How Refusing Medical Treatment Affects Your Claim

Refusing medical treatment can impact your claim in three distinct ways:

  • The initial police report won’t state your condition: At the time of the accident, police investigators will write up a police report including all property damages and physical injuries across all parties. Not including your injuries in this police report will make it harder to manage your insurance claim later on. 
  • You may not meet the reasonable report time: Most insurance providers expect you to report and seek treatment for injuries within 24 hours of the accident. While certain conditions have delayed onsets, waiting longer than this reasonable time frame will make your case more complex, potentially reducing your compensation offer. 
  • Insurance companies will fight comparative negligence: Insurance companies always evaluate how each driver contributed to their injuries. If you wait days or longer to report injuries, the liable party’s insurer may argue that you sustained the damages due to your own negligence. 

How To Build a Solid Claim

Does refusing medical treatment affect my claim in Texas? 

Yes, refusing medicare evaluation does affect your claim. To avoid problems, seek treatment after any serious car accidents. We recommend following the steps below to build a solid claim.  

1. Don’t Answer Questions Until You’re Evaluated

After the car accident, the police officer on the scene will ask if you feel injured. Whether you feel fine or not, you must not offer an exact answer until you receive a confirmed medical diagnosis.

If you tell the officer that you feel okay, the police report will state that you don’t have injuries. Even if you note minor pains, you may understate injuries eventually requiring expensive treatments. 

If any officer or insurance adjuster asks how you feel, we recommend saying that you’re unsure until you see a doctor. You can disclose how you feel to the medical professional. 

2. Accept Evaluation at the Accident Scene

You should always accept a medical evaluation to confirm your condition at the car accident scene. It’s 100% free to receive an evaluation from an emergency medical technician (EMT) so you don’t need to worry about costly bills. After the evaluation, listen to all of the EMT’s medical recommendations, whether it be riding in the ambulance or visiting your primary care doctor the next day. 

3. Follow the Recommended Treatments Moving Forward

As you begin your healing process, be sure to follow all recommended treatments, including physical therapy and procedures. If you don’t adhere to doctors’ recommendations, the insurance company may argue that you contributed to worsening your injuries. Keep track of all medical records throughout the process. 

4. Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Navigating car accident claims can feel overwhelming. Insurance companies often want to pay you as little as possible. Hiring a car accident attorney can protect your rights and help you seek the compensation you need to recover. 

If you searched, “Does refusing medical treatment affect my claim in Texas?” you may need an attorney. Contact our team at Haines Law in Houston, TX, today to schedule a free consultation with our team. 

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