Is the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Required To Tell Me Their Policy Limits in Texas?

If you get injured in a car accident someone else caused, you may wonder, “Is the other driver’s insurance company required to tell me their policy limits in Texas?” Some companies do, while others don’t. For those that don’t, here are four ways to get their policy limits:

  1. Demand the policy limits
  2. Ask your insurance company to request the information
  3. Take the other driver to court
  4. Get in touch with the other driver

1. Preparing a Demand Package for the Policy Limits

Insurance companies want to settle claims as quickly as possible for the lowest amount. You could offer to accept a settlement within the policy limits if they disclose them. With this demand package, you can figure out the other driver’s policy limits and still reach a fair settlement.

2. Having Your Insurance Company Submit a Request

Is the other driver’s insurance company required to tell you their policy limits in Texas? No, they don’t have to disclose that information to you. However, you could get the policy limits through your own insurance company.

Some insurance companies don’t like to reveal policy limits to car accident victims but will sometimes agree to tell your insurance carrier. Your insurance company can request the information from the other driver’s company.

3. Filing a Lawsuit Against the Other Driver

You can get the at-fault driver’s policy limits by filing a lawsuit against them. When you sue the other driver, part of the procedure includes disclosing auto insurance policy limits. It may seem a little extreme, but the insurance provider is already making life difficult and will likely try to keep you from getting a fair settlement. 

Texas law requires every driver to have a minimum liability insurance policy covering damages or injuries during a vehicle accident. At a minimum, a policy must cover $30,000 for any person’s injuries—$60,000 for injury claims following a single car accident injuring multiple people. It must also provide at least $25,000 for property damage.

Some car accident injury claims may be worth far more than $30,000. However, insurance companies will often keep their policy limits a secret to avoid offering more than the minimum. A lawsuit could force insurers to provide more coverage and help you pursue the appropriate amount of compensation.

4. Contacting the At-fault Driver

If you’re wondering, “Is the other driver’s insurance company required to tell me their policy limits in Texas?” you may also wonder how to get this information if the company withholds it. One way to do this is by contacting the at-fault driver directly. This only applies if the other driver doesn’t have legal representation from an attorney.

Contacting the other driver shouldn’t be your go-to option. However, you can ask them to voluntarily disclose their policy limits now or be obligated to during a lawsuit later. Often, this is enough to convince the other driver to provide the requested information.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident

There are several ways to acquire the other driver’s insurance policy limits. However, not all of them guarantee you’ll recover appropriate compensation for medical bills, lost wages, mobility aid equipment, and other injury-related costs. You should get a trusted attorney who understands the judicial system and will fight for you.

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