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Many people treat minor illnesses and pain with over the counter medication, while others with chronic conditions may be prescribed maintenance pharmaceuticals for their conditions.

Due to the frequency of use, manufacturers of drugs have a strict duty to produce medication that is consistent and safe. This responsibility includes proper testing, clear instructions, and oversight in the manufacturing process. Failure to meet any of these duties could result in catastrophic injuries. The parties responsible for a medication being released and causing harm should be held liable for the damage they cause.

A Pasadena dangerous drugs lawyer can help you seek justice after you or a loved one was injured by a harmful pharmaceutical product. Our experienced attorneys will prove why the drug was dangerous and hold the liable parties accountable.

Potential Harm Resulting from Taking Dangerous Drugs

Before taking any sort of medication or supplement, patients should consult with their doctor. Due to our personal chemistry, even something as simple as an antacid or painkiller can affect different people in different ways. Doctors have a duty to responsibly and safely prescribe medications, but if the manufacturers or distributors do not do their part, this may be impossible.

A mislabeled product, improper dosage, or a lack of testing for drug interactions could all have catastrophic consequences. It is not unusual for a dangerous drug to result in hospitalization, surgery, or other emergency intervention to prevent permanent disability or death. Our Pasadena dangerous drugs attorneys can help examine the effects of a dangerous drug to demand adequate compensation.

Proving that a Maker is Liable for a Dangerous Drug in Pasadena

Merely suffering symptoms after taking a drug is insufficient to prove a pharmaceutical company should be liable. Dangerous drug cases are based on product liability. According to Texas law, a products liability claim is any action against the maker of a product alleging strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation, or a breach of warranty caused a plaintiff’s injuries.

Specifically, Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §82.007 states that the maker is not liable if the warnings provided on the packaging were approved by the FDA. However, if a plaintiff can show that the defendant withheld or otherwise misrepresented the possible effects of the drug during the FDA testing period, the company may still be responsible.

Proving that a drug maker was negligent in their disclosure of the potential side-effects is a complex legal matter, but at Haines Law, we can push for a fair settlement to get you or your loved ones the compensation needed for medical expenses, lost wages, and your suffering.

Contact a Pasadena Dangerous Drugs Lawyer to Discuss Your Claim

Taking any drug, whether prescription or over the counter, exposes you to potentially dangerous side-effects. While the makers of drugs have a duty to disclose these dangers, many choose not to despite FDA regulations. This results in dangerous drug interactions and debilitating injuries.

As a victim of these injuries, you deserve compensation for your losses, and a Pasadena dangerous drugs attorney at Haines Law can take the fight to the pharmaceutical company. By demanding fair compensation, you could start to move on from these injuries. Contact a dedicated lawyer today to discuss your case.

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