Things You Should Never Say to a Texas Insurance Adjuster After a Crash

Have you been in a car accident in Texas? After a car crash, insurance adjusters try to get statements from the parties involved to determine fault for any claims that may result from the crash. 

However, even if the insurance adjusters work for your insurance company, they don’t represent your interests. Their allegiance is to the insurance company. So, what shouldn’t you say to a Texas insurance adjuster after a crash?

Never Admit Fault

Sounding apologetic for playing any role in the accident is like an admission of guilt, reducing your chances of receiving a settlement offer in your car accident case. Even if you were partly at fault for the car crash, wait for the results of the investigation and never admit fault.

Immediately after a crash, drivers are usually stressed, full of adrenaline, and potentially in pain. Therefore, you may not realize the extent of damage to your car, other property, or injuries you or your passengers sustained. Seek medical treatment for any injuries, and do not make a statement about the accident until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

Do Not Mention That You’re Okay After a Crash

Even if you feel fine immediately after an accident, you should still get a complete examination from a doctor to determine whether you sustained any injuries. You may not feel pain with adrenaline coursing through your system right after an accident.

If the police or an insurance adjuster inquire about how you feel, state that you will see a doctor for a full examination and will disclose pertinent information when you file your claim. If you make any indication of feeling okay, your adjuster could devalue your claim.

Do Not Engage in Speculation

Changing a statement never looks good. Instead, decline to answer when insurance adjusters ask about details you don’t know. Only offer the events you know you saw or heard.

Do Not Allow the Insurance Adjuster To Record Your Statements

The insurance adjuster will attempt to procure a recorded statement from you immediately after a car crash. They may claim that they want as many details as possible while still fresh in your mind, but they’re often hoping to get evidence of you “changing your story” as the details clarify in your mind once you’ve had time to get over the shock of the accident.

Remember that the insurance adjuster does not work for you, even if you are the policyholder. The adjuster’s job is to deny your claim, underpay your claim, or get you to accept a settlement below the actual value of your injuries.

Do Not Speak to the Adjuster Without an Attorney

An experienced injury attorney can speak with the adjuster on your behalf to ensure you don’t say anything that could incriminate yourself and your role in the car crash. Texas is a modified comparative negligence state, meaning the victim may not receive a settlement offer if they are at least 50% responsible for their car crash injuries.

You could be liable if you failed to yield, weren’t wearing your seatbelt, or forgot to apply the brakes after being rear-ended. Speak with a skilled injury attorney before filing your claim.

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