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While any type of personal injury could impact your plans for the future and lead to significant financial losses, spinal cord injuries tend to be especially devastating, as they are very costly to stabilize and rehabilitate. One of our League City spinal cord injury lawyers can be an invaluable ally if you or a loved one suffered severe damage to your neck or back in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Enlisting the help of our knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorneys may be essential to successfully recovering short-term losses as well as compensation for the lifelong effects of spinal damage.

Causes and Effects of Spinal Cord Damage

While the nervous system extends throughout every part of the body, the most crucial segment is a tight bundle of nerves located in the spine, protected by interlocking vertebrae and extending from the brain stem down to the tailbone. When the spinal cord suffers damage, the brain’s ability to transmit and receive messages to and from the rest of the body becomes limited. Accordingly, if the spine is severed completely, any part of the nervous system below the point of impact is cut off from the brain permanently, leading to permanent paralysis and loss of sensation.

The severity of a spinal cord injury generally depends on the location and force of the impact. Any bruising or slight tearing of the spinal cord is known as an incomplete injury, whereas any impact that severs the spinal cord is considered a complete injury. The former type of spinal damage tends to have a much better prognosis for recovery than the latter, but our skilled League City attorneys can help pursue civil recovery for either kind of injury.

Pursuing Compensation for All Recoverable Damages

Even in cases involving incomplete injuries, spinal cord damage can be very expensive to treat, as there is often short-term emergency treatment as well as long-term rehabilitative care. If spinal cord damage results in a permanent injury, there may also be a need for in-home services, house and vehicle modifications, and various pain management and physical therapy treatments. These costs add up quickly while you or your loved one are unable to work due to the injury.

Given the devastating effects that a spinal cord injury can have, any ensuing civil settlement must seek compensation both for past damages that you have already suffered and for future damages you will likely experience in the coming years. One of the dedicated attorneys at Haines Law can help factor all recoverable damages into a comprehensive settlement demand for a spinal injury and work to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf.

Discuss Your Legal Options with Our League City Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Unfortunately, all the money in the world cannot fully make up for the debilitating consequences of severe spinal cord damage. What a civil settlement can do, however, is make sure you do not struggle financially in the aftermath of a life-altering injury and help you maintain as close to a normal life as possible despite its permanent effects.

Our qualified League City spinal cord injury lawyers can help with every stage of your civil case, from negotiating for a fair settlement to going to trial if all other options are exhausted. To schedule your initial consultation, call Haines Law today.

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