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Employees who are injured in industrial accidents often lack workers’ comp insurance coverage and have no choice but to pursue civil compensation from an employer or a negligent third party. If you were hurt while working in an industrial environment, our personal injury attorneys can fight for fair compensation from the person or entity responsible. If the liable party is unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement, one of our League City industrial accident lawyers can escalate your case to a civil lawsuit and pursue restitution on your behalf through a court trial.

Potential Grounds for Industrial Accident Settlements in League City

Many industrial sites are inherently dangerous places to work, regardless of whether everything is functioning correctly and everyone is following safety procedures. A sudden trip and fall, impact from a falling object, or exposure to toxic substances could cause serious harm to any employee in this kind of environment – not to mention the deadly risks associated with malfunctioning machinery, broken seals, and chemical fires.

Depending on the specific nature of an industrial accident, several individuals and entities might bear financial liability, from contractors to third-party manufacturers to drivers delivering supplies and dangerous chemicals. Our attorneys can help workers pursue compensation for the following types of industrial accidents:

  • Lack of comprehensive emergency escape plans
  • Lack of efficient ventilation systems
  • Lack of appropriate safety equipment
  • Malfunctioning electronic components
  • Improper storage of volatile substances
  • Unmarked hazards
  • Poor sanitation

How do Local Industrial Accident Cases Work?

When it comes to obtaining compensation after an industrial accident, third-party settlements allow for the most civil recovery. While workers’ comp claims only allow injured employees to recover medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and a few other economic losses, third-party settlements allow injured workers to seek restitution for non-economic damages as well. However, this requires you to prove legal negligence by a third party or that your employer is responsible for allowing dangerous conditions to exist at a worksite.

Industrial accident cases in League City tend to involve negotiations with corporate legal teams and multiple layers of authority, so retaining a seasoned lawyer may be crucial to obtaining a comprehensive settlement. Qualified legal counsel will collect and preserve evidence of dangerous conditions at an industrial site, solicit input from experts about the long-term effects of chemical exposure, and exhaust all options for private settlement before resorting to civil litigation.

Discuss Your Options with Our League City Industrial Accident Lawyers

While industrial companies play a critical role in the state’s economy, they are not immune to serious accidents or civil liability for the outcomes of such incidents. If you were hurt while working in an industrial capacity, you may have grounds to hold multiple third parties or even your own employer liable for civil restitution.

Our League City industrial accident lawyers can go over your options and help you strategize settlement negotiation tactics during a private consultation. Call Haines Law today to schedule a meeting with one of our legal professionals.

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