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A side-impact crash occurs when the front bumper of one vehicle strikes the driver or passenger side of another. These accidents are inherently dangerous, given the limited crash absorption ability of side panels and doors.

While this type of accident is usually severe, the potential for debilitating injuries increases dramatically when a commercial truck is involved. A commercial truck could cause serious damage not only to the vehicle it strikes but also to its occupants.

If you suffered injuries in a side-impact truck crash, a skilled attorney from our firm can help you obtain compensation from liable parties. A Pasadena side-impact truck accident lawyer at Haines Law can work tirelessly to resolve your claim before ever having to appear in court.

Investigating the Cause of a T-Bone Truck Crash

One of the first steps for a Pasadena attorney in a side-impact truck accident case is to conduct a thorough investigation of the crash. Determining how a T-bone collision occurred and who caused it is necessary to move a claim forward.

Many side-impact collisions occur in or around intersections. A common example of a T-bone truck crash is when a commercial vehicle operator is traveling so fast that he can’t come to a complete stop at an intersection as the light turns red. If the truck skids into the intersection and strikes cross traffic, the driver could be at fault for any subsequent damages. Our experienced attorneys can review photos of the scene of the T-bone truck accident and hire a crash reconstruction expert to determine its exact cause.

State law allows you to seek compensation from both the truck driver and their employer in some situations. Our qualified legal team can review the police report, speak with witnesses, and perform license plate checks to determine the owner of the vehicle.

Negotiated Settlements

Once an attorney has a firm understanding of the cause of a side-impact truck accident, they can begin working to resolve your case through a negotiated settlement without the need for a trial. Trucking companies are required to carry liability coverage and often have substantial assets should the insurance limits not cover the full amount of a claim.

We can present compelling evidence to a trucking company emphasizing that going to court would be a waste of their time. Previous experience in taking on a side-impact truck crash claim is valuable, as it can provide an attorney with a frame of reference on what a claim may be worth when engaging in settlement talks.

Let a Pasadena Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer Help Resolve Your Claim

With the right legal counsel, you can recover compensation for the injuries you suffered during a side-impact truck accident. It may be possible to prevail in your claim without ever filing a lawsuit.

A skilled Pasadena side-impact truck accident lawyer can assist you with your claim from start to finish. Schedule an initial consultation with our firm today to get started.

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