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While some burn injuries may only affect the surface of the skin, others are far more severe and can inflict significant bodily damage. These injuries can occur through a wide range of incidents, including house fires, apartment complex fires, chemical burns, radiation exposure, and electrical fires.

If you sustained burn injuries in a recent accident because of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to pursue financial damages with the help of our catastrophic injury attorneys. Our Kingwood burn injury lawyers can evaluate your prospective claim and guide you through the next steps in the civil claims process.

How is the Severity of a Burn Injury Characterized?

Burn injuries vary greatly in terms of severity. Burns that cover only small areas of the body can be less dangerous and are less likely to cause long-term harm compared to heat-related conditions that cover a large portion of the body.

A first-degree burn generally results in only mild harm to the epidermis and heals in a matter of days. However, a third-, fourth-, or fifth-degree burn on even a relatively small area of the body can result in permanent damage to bones, nerves, and tissues.

Financial Compensation After a Serious Burn Injury

A severe burn injury often requires extensive and ongoing medical treatment. For instance, multiple surgeries and skin graft procedures may be required in addition to topical and intravenous therapies. As a result, the medical expenses associated with a burn injury can add up quickly. Someone who has suffered a burn injury is likely to face a lengthy recovery and permanent consequences.

There are a variety of damages you can recover for your or your loved one’s burn injury. These can include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Economic damages refer to the specific costs associated with a heat-related condition, such as hospital bills, emergency room visits, surgery expenses, and wage loss resulting from missed time at work.

Non-economic damages cover the losses stemming from a burn injury that cannot be represented by a specific dollar amount. These include pain, suffering, reduced enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.

Punitive damages are only available in certain cases. For example, if the at-fault party’s behavior was grossly negligent or otherwise indicated a willful disregard for your or your loved one’s safety, it may be possible to make an argument for punitive damages. Our well-versed Kingwood lawyers can pursue all available forms of compensation on your behalf to make up for the losses you’ve suffered as a result of a burn injury.

Deadline to File a Burn Injury Claim for Damages in Kingwood

Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, individuals who suffer an injury as a result of another person’s or entity’s negligence have only two years to file a claim for any damages they may be entitled to. The two-year period begins on the date you or your loved one became injured. It is best to contact a local attorney immediately after suffering a serious burn injury, as delaying action could negatively impact your ability to collect compensation.

Talk with a Kingwood Burn Injury Attorney

If you think you may be entitled to compensation for the harm you have suffered, do not hesitate to call Haines Law. Our Kingwood burn injury lawyers can provide you with more information about starting a claim. Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to learn more about your potential burn injury claim and options to recover damages.

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