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Whether they are classified as prescription, over-the-counter, or a combination of both, pharmaceutical drugs play an important role in the day-to-day lives of many Americans. For the most part, these medications serve their intended purposes safely and effectively. However, numerous drug manufacturers fail to issue warnings about certain medications and recall them after their release.

If you suffered harm from an undisclosed side effect or contraindication in one of your medications, our League City dangerous drugs lawyers can help you hold liable parties accountable for your damages. Once retained, the seasoned personal injury attorneys at Haines Law will help you construct a comprehensive settlement demand and pursue a fair offer from the party responsible for your losses, only proceeding to civil litigation if necessary.

What Makes a Drug “Dangerous?”

While all medications have side effects even when taken in accordance with a doctor’s instructions, a drug only becomes “dangerous” if it causes a harmful reaction that is not listed as one of the known side effects. For example, Accutane was once used to treat acne breakouts but also caused some patients to suffer birth defects, seizures, and suicidal tendencies among other serious symptoms about which consumers were not sufficiently warned.

While medical products must undergo rigorous testing and approval by the FDA before they can be sold in public markets, this process is not always as thorough as it should be. Some medications skip a large portion of the testing process altogether by proceeding through the 510(k) process, which sets up an expedited approval track for drugs substantially similar to others already on the market.

As a result, several consumer drugs are found each year to have dangerous and potentially deadly side effects that their manufacturers either did not know about or intentionally hid from consumers. In either case, our attorneys can help you seek appropriate compensation from League City drug manufacturers for pushing a hazardous medication onto the market.

Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Liable for Drug Defects

Pharmaceutical companies bear strict liability for the effects of any unreasonably dangerous medication they sell. Unlike negligence-based cases, dangerous drug claims based on strict liability only require you to show that the defendant company sold you a product that was unreasonably dangerous and that you suffered compensable losses as a direct result.

Pharmaceutical companies typically have their own teams of lawyers whose job it is to minimize the amount of compensation they owe for damages caused by dangerous drugs. Working with one of our steadfast lawyers in League City is often the best way to deal with these corporate giants and increase your odds of receiving a favorable settlement for the effects of a hazardous medication.

Let a League City Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Help

It is unwise to take on a massive pharmaceutical company on your own. By connecting with our qualified attorneys, you can level the playing field and effectively seek the financial restitution you deserve.

Our knowledgeable League City dangerous drugs lawyers can provide invaluable guidance in constructing your settlement demand, collecting evidence of liability, and relentlessly negotiating for a fair out-of-court resolution. Call Haines Law today to get started on your potential claim.

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