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When you enter someone else’s property with permission, the owner or manager of that premises assumes certain responsibilities to keep you safe from foreseeable harm. If a dangerous condition on someone else’s land causes you to suffer an otherwise preventable injury, you may have grounds to seek compensation through a private settlement or a civil lawsuit if necessary.

Working with our knowledgeable League City premises liability lawyers may be critical to obtaining a positive resolution in your case. Our personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to collect evidence of fault and ensure you get the compensation you need to make up for your losses.

What Level of Care do Property Owners in League City Owe to Visitors?

Premises liability cases in our area generally involve one or more visitors suffering harm as a direct result of a negligent property owner’s breach of care. However, the exact duty of care that a landowner owes a visitor can vary depending on the latter’s reason for visiting the property in question.

For example, invitees enter a property to mutually benefit themselves and the property owner, whereas licensees enter a property to benefit themselves (i.e. usually to complete a contracted job). Local landowners owe both classes of visitors a duty to provide notice of known hazards. To adequately protect invitees, however, property owners must also inspect their premises for hazards they should be reasonably aware of and remedy them in a timely manner.

The amount of time a hazard has existed on a given property can be crucial to whether civil compensation is available. For instance, a business owner could be held liable for injuries caused by hazards that should have been fixed a long time ago (i.e. rotten floorboards, torn carpet, etc). However, they may not be liable for slip and fall injuries caused by a spill that occurred only minutes prior. One of our steadfast attorneys can help determine whether you are entitled to compensation under premises liability law and take legal action on your behalf.

Can Property Owners be Held Liable for Injuries to Trespassers?

In most situations, property owners in League City do not owe any level of care to adult trespassers who enter their land without permission or legal authority. However, the “attractive nuisance doctrine” may create civil liability for a local landowner if a child is injured while trespassing.

State law considers swimming pools and construction equipment as “attractive nuisances,” and property owners are expected to put up fencing and utilize other measures to keep curious children from trespassing and getting hurt. If a property owner in League City neglects this legal obligation, our premises liability attorneys can help an injured child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) hold them liable for subsequent damages.

Get in Touch with Our League City Premises Liability Lawyers

After getting hurt on someone else’s land, you may find yourself contending with steep medical expenses, significant loss of income during the recovery period, and substantial personal losses. Seeking compensation for these damages can be made easier with guidance from one of our seasoned legal professionals.

Our dedicated League City premises liability lawyers will relentlessly pursue a comprehensive out-of-court settlement from the party responsible for your injuries. Call Haines Law today to learn more about what might be possible in your case.

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