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Following a doctor’s prescribed treatment plan is supposed to lead to the improvement of a medical condition. These highly trained medical professionals typically provide competent care to their patients. Unfortunately, that is not true for all healthcare providers.

Careless or negligent medical care providers risk putting their patients in danger. Medical mistakes can occur at any point, from diagnosis to surgery, and may have fatal consequences in some cases.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a medical error, our dedicated attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your injuries or undue illness. One of the Clear Lake medical malpractice lawyers at Haines Law can investigate your claim and help hold negligent healthcare professionals responsible.

Common Types of Medical Negligence in Our Area

Medical errors can happen in many ways. Our Clear Lake attorneys can advise you on the common types of medical negligence and negotiate for compensation on your behalf.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are often devastating for both the mother and her child. These injuries can occur at any point from the beginning of the pregnancy to the moments following delivery. Some birth injuries occur due to the carelessness of the attending physician during labor, while others involve medical mistakes made early in the pregnancy.


Misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor incorrectly diagnoses a patient’s injury or illness. Some misdiagnosis cases involve a doctor’s failure to identify that anything is wrong.

Delayed Diagnosis

Physicians who reach a diagnosis after it is too late effectively deny the patient the opportunity to seek treatment in the early stages of their condition. This can be especially detrimental for individuals such as cancer patients because the timing of a diagnosis determines what treatment options are available.

Failure to Treat

Diagnosis is only one aspect of medical care. Doctors who fail to administer the appropriate treatment after reaching a diagnosis could also face liability for malpractice if a patient’s condition worsens as a result.

Surgical Errors

Many medical negligence cases in Clear Lake involve surgical mistakes. Surgical errors can involve using the wrong tool, initiating the wrong surgical procedure, and even operating on the wrong patient.

Resolving a Clear Lake Medical Negligence Claim

Most medical negligence claims in our area are resolved through a negotiated settlement without the need for a lawsuit. While settlements are common in these cases, it is important to remember that obtaining a fair offer requires experience and strategy.

Our attorneys are experienced in building strong claims for compensation and showing the opposing party that a trial is likely to result in a substantial judgment in the plaintiff’s favor. It is rare for a medical malpractice case to go to trial. While litigation and trial are possible in some circumstances, an aggressive approach early in the claims process can help resolve a medical negligence claim without the need for litigation.

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Medical negligence claims are often complex and difficult to pursue without extensive knowledge of the law. Fortunately, our Clear Lake medical malpractice lawyer is well equipped to assist you throughout every stage of your claim. Call Haines Law right away to set up a confidential consultation.

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