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Dogs can be friendly, playful creatures, but they are also capable of causing serious harm. Dog bites are a common occurrence and can result in severe bodily injury. Following an attack, you may benefit from speaking with an Atascocita dog bite lawyer. At Haines Law, we can help you pursue a legal claim against the pet owner.

While these cases can be challenging, prevailing in settlement negotiations could lead to substantial monetary compensation. Let a dedicated injury attorney review the incident and advise you of your rights.

Liability for Dog Bites in Atascocita

Every state approaches liability for dog bites slightly differently. In Atascocita, you can pursue a legal claim against a pet owner after a dog bite, but liability is determined by the “one bite rule.”

What is the One Bite Rule?

The one bite rule is the legal standard for negligence in dog bite claims that was established during a 1974 Texas Supreme Court case. Under the one bite rule, a dog owner will only face liability for a bite if they knew of the dog’s dangerous nature.

Typically, this is demonstrated with proof that the dog bit someone in the past. Although, a dog owner could be liable if they knew their pet was aggressive, even if it had never attacked anyone.

Establishing Negligence for a First-Time Attack

Even if the dog has never been violent or aggressive, there are other ways to establish that the owner was negligent in allowing the attack to happen. For example, if the dog owner did not take the appropriate steps to secure their pet and prevent an attack, you could hold them liable.

Additionally, allowing the dog to roam without a leash is a violation of a local ordinance and thus evidence of the owner’s negligence. These legal claims are not limited to bites. Any injury caused by a dog could lead to a successful settlement with the help of a skilled accident attorney.

Trespassing and Dog Bite Injury Claims

One of the primary defenses raised by dog owners is that the injured party was trespassing at the time of the attack. This argument is common, as trespassers are prohibited from pursuing compensation following a dog bite.

This defense is only viable on private property in situations where you did not have permission to be on the premises. As long as you were on the property lawfully, you can seek compensation through a settlement. A dog bite attorney in Atascocita can help you prepare valid arguments to a trespassing defense.

Speak to an Atascocita Dog Bite Attorney Today

A severe dog bite can significantly change your life. In addition to severe injuries and potential disfiguration, you may experience post-traumatic stress or develop an intense fear of dogs. If you were recently attacked by someone else’s pet, do not underestimate the value of a potential settlement.

Let an Atascocita dog bite lawyer help you pursue the compensation you need. Call Haines Law today to set up a free consultation with a diligent legal professional.

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