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Boating is a popular form of recreation in the United States. Although many people feel at ease on the water, there are inherent risks to boating, even for experienced boaters and swimmers. When operating a watercraft, it is essential to use caution near other vessels and follow all safety regulations.

If you suffered injuries in a watercraft wreck, reach out to an Atascocita boat accident lawyer about your case. The skilled injury attorneys at Haines Law can inform you of your legal rights and represent your best interests in settlement negotiations.

Types of Accidents on the Water

Many watercraft accidents involve a collision between two boats, which can pose a threat to the occupants of both vessels and any nearby swimmers. Though these types of incidents often involve two motorboats, our accident attorneys have handled cases involving personal watercrafts such as jet skis as well.

Boating accidents can also occur when an operator crashes into a fixed object. Other common types of boating accidents include grounding, flooding, and falls overboard. An experienced attorney can examine the facts of the case and help you begin pursuing compensation.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Atascocita

Each year, dozens of people in Texas die in boat crashes, and many more suffer injuries. While some watercraft accidents are caused by inclement weather, many are the result of negligence. Any person who acts carelessly, causing you to suffer injuries in an accident, could be held liable for your damages.

Operator Inexperience and Inattention

One of the most common causes of boat accidents is operator inexperience. Someone without the proper training could put themselves and the other passengers at risk of severe harm.

Inattention also causes many accidents. Failing to keep a proper lookout could lead to a collision or someone falling overboard.

Operating a Water Vessel while Intoxicated

Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol is another common cause of accidents on the water. Incidents involving alcohol are far more likely to be fatal than other types of accidents.

Lack of Adequate Safety Gear

Any type of accident can be made worse if there is no safety equipment on board. For example, a seemingly minor accident can become fatal if the boat’s passengers don’t have life jackets.

In an attempt to keep people safe, the state has set many rules and regulations regarding safe boat operation. A boat crash attorney in Atascocita can help you understand these laws and how they relate to your case.

Contact a Skilled Atascocita Boat Accident Attorney Today

Boating can quickly turn from a fun activity to a devastating accident, which is why it’s essential to use caution when on the water. However, even if you take appropriate safety measures, you can’t account for the behavior of other people on board.

If you experienced a boat accident injury, you might be able to obtain compensation. An Atascocita boat accident lawyer can work with you and your family to reach a settlement that holds the liable person accountable and helps reduce the financial burden created by your injuries.

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