Atascocita Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can have devastating consequences. From permanent health conditions to steep financial hardships, a severe crash could negatively impact your quality of life. If a negligent person caused your bike wreck, you have the right to hold them accountable.

While you may file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, it is often possible to resolve these claims outside of court. An Atascocita bicycle accident lawyer can represent your best interests in settlement negotiations. Working with our dedicated injury attorneys could significantly improve your chances of obtaining adequate compensation.

The Severity of Bicycle Accident Injuries

The consequences of a collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle are often severe. Bicycles cannot absorb the impact of an oncoming vehicle, so cyclists typically face the brunt of the impact in these accidents.

There are often multiple points of contact in a bicycle accident. After colliding with the motor vehicle, the cyclists typically hits the ground. Some of the most severe bodily injuries that result from bicycle accidents include:

Every bodily injury comes at a cost. This includes the financial cost of treating an injury as well as both the emotional and physical burden that a serious injury can bring. A successfully negotiated settlement could lead to compensation that addresses all those economic and non-economic losses. A lawyer in Atascocita can help you assess your injuries and create a settlement demand after your bike accident.

Compensation Available in an Atascocita Injury Claim

There are many types of compensation you could receive in an accident settlement. A local cycling injury attorney can help you negotiate a settlement that covers losses such as medical expenses, personal property damage, and lost wages.

Medical Expenses

The main aspect of any injury claim is medical expenses. The cost of medical treatment following a major injury is often more than the average family can bear.

When your injuries result from another person’s reckless actions, they should compensate you for the cost of treatment. You can negotiate a settlement that covers the cost of emergency care, pain medication, physical therapy, surgical procedures, and more.

Personal Property Damage

Not every aspect of an accident claim will be directly related to your injuries. You can also seek compensation for the cost of replacing or repairing your bike or any other personal property.

Lost Wages

Expensive medical care may not be the is not the only source of financial strain following a bike wreck. You may be forced to take time off work while you recover.

A settlement could replace the income lost from missing work. A skilled attorney at Haines Law can also help you value your non-economic losses and incorporate them into your settlement.

Reach Out to an Atascocita Bicycle Accident Attorney

The law firm you choose to work with following a bicycle accident could have a substantial impact on the outcome of your claim. With a thorough investigation and aggressive negotiation strategy, we can help you obtain a reasonable settlement without the need for a lawsuit.

Let an Atascocita bicycle accident lawyer help you pursue your claim for damages. Call our firm right away to schedule your initial consultation.

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